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RapidCoil RC100

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The RC100 is a gravity operated door designed for small to medium sized interior applications where light to moderate wind pressure exists. The efficient and low friction zipper design provides greater wind pressure resistance than the RC200 bead style doors. The specially modified zipper sealing and inner guide technology provides a larger area of travel, allowing the door to operate in the harshest industrial environments. The RC100 combines advanced control and drive technology for smooth, quiet operation. Incorporating Logix controls, with a variable frequency drive, provides the customer maximum performance, flexibility and self-diagnostic capabilities. The proven zipper technology and auto re-insertion feature allows the door to be impacted and reinserted with the push of a button. All metal components come with a galvanized finish for added durability and resistance to typical manufacturing environments.

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Features and Benefits

'Zipper' Technology "Zipper" Technology:
The specially designed zipper and inner guide technology provides a larger area of travel allowing the door to operate in harsh industrial environments such as manufacturing, processing and general warehousing.

Self Repairing Self Repairing:
Specialized two way breakaway design, with inner side guides, flexes to allow separation when impacted. The re-insertion point, located at the header, allows you to re-insert the curtain into the guides by the simple push of the button. No manual intervention or tools are required.

Cycle Life Cycle Life:
RapidCoil doors are designed to perform thousands of cycles per day without wearing parts such as stiffeners, springs, cables and straps or motor brakes, repair cost and operational costs are reduced.

Standard Operating Speed:
Opening speed up to 48"/sec, closing speed 24"/sec.

Door Operation:
Gravity driven with flexible soft bottom bag.

Side Guides:
Made of structural channels of 2-1/16" x 1-1/2" x 1/8" in galvanized steel (optional powdercoat or stainless steel).

Inner Side Guide:
Polyethylene (PE-UHMW 1000); outer section 9/16" x 9/16".

Side Guide Covers:
Galvanized steel is standard or optional powdercoat or stainless steel covers are available.

Steel, diameter 4" x 0.078", shafts in steel.

Door Curtain:
Reinforced PVC (27 oz/sq.yd) and continuous sealing, bead, with flexible weighted soft bottom bag design. Available in different colors.

15" vision banner standard. 24" x 24" individual windows and bug screens are optional.

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