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1944 On October 17, 1944, Raynor Manufacturing Company was born in a small factory in Quincy, Illinois. The company was the dream of its two owners, Bill Norberg and Ray Neisewander, both experienced and talented manufacturers. Norberg's specialty was steel fabrication, while Neisewander's expertise was in woodworking. Combining their strengths, the two set out to manufacture sectional overhead-type garage doors. When the company moved to its present Dixon, Illinois, location in 1946, demand for the Raynor door was greater than they imagined. By the end of the decade, the firm had over 150 employees and had doubled the size of its original Dixon building.

1950s In the 1950's, while the factory continued its emphasis on quality and innovation, Ray Neisewander, now the company's sole owner, pushed for close, responsive relationships with the growing list of Raynor dealers around the country. To improve communication between the factory and the dealer network, annual sales conferences began in 1951. The field sales staff grew and stepped up efforts to keep in contact with Raynor dealers who, by 1954, could be found in 35 states.

1960s During the 1960s, Raynor solidified its commitment to distributors and increased efforts to reach architects and homeowners with its message of quality and dependability. By the end of the decade, annual sales were double that of ten years earlier. The construction industry, fiberglass and aluminum became popular materials, and Raynor responded with the Raylon fiberglass garage door. Built with an aluminum frame, the door was lightweight, translucent, maintenance-free, and appealing to consumers of that era. The Raynor truck fleet also debuted during the decade, the brainchild of Ray Neisewander, Jr. Raynor-owned trucks and Raynor drivers dramatically reduced shipping damage and provided dependable, regularly scheduled shipments to Raynor dealers, just as they continue to do today.

1970s By 1970, Raynor dealers could be found in 48 states. And steel doors, offering strength, durability, and low maintenance, began to increase in popularity throughout the decade. Although the residential market was slow to accept a steel door, the commercial market quickly embraced the product. Making their first appearance during the decade was the S-Series of commercial steel doors, Steeliner, the first Raynor residential steel door, and the first Raynor commercial operator.

1980s In the 1980s, Raynor raised the bar in the door business with several firsts that forever changed the industry. Announced in 1980, the success of the Decade steel residential garage door had every competitor scrambling to produce a look-alike door. In our commercial line, the three-inch thick TriCore created a whole new breed of insulated doors. In 1982, Raynor announced the industry's first 10-year residential door section warranty. And in 1988, the famous For As Long As You Own Your Home warranty was introduced. In Dixon, the Raynor work force almost doubled as three manufacturing plants were built and the Raynor product line expanded to include residential openers and rolling steel doors.

1990s The 1990s brought new horizons to Raynor, as it set its sights on overseas markets. In 1989, Raynor export activities were limited to three countries, but by 1995, dealers could be found in over 30 countries.  An improving global economy created an expanding international market for higher quality products.  As a result, Raynor became the leading exporter of U.S.-made garage door products. Experience in the international market also brought new ideas to Raynor, such as the EnduraCote system - black powdercoated springs and white hardware - that was another industry first.